What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a form of digital currency (tech jargon: cryptocurrency).  It allows people to send and receive money across the internet (whole world!) to anyone.  Money can be exchanged anonymously and safely.  Today, it's the safest payment method in the world because it's anonymous, safe, and hacker proof.

How to BUY Bitcoin?

Currently, there are 100s exchanges on the internet that offer bitcoin sales and purchases.  You can use USD, EURO or your local currency for purchases.  To buy bitcoins you can use your checking account or bank transfers.  It's very easy and safe! 

So how would you start?

To send us bitcoin payments this is what you need :

Step 1 : First Buy the bitcoins from an exchanger

Step 2 : Second Send us the bitcoins to the wallet in the email we provided you.  

Meaning? Go to → SEND bitcoin section -> Input our Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address and amount in USD or bitcoins → send funds (do NOT add notes!)

Where to find Bitcoin exchanger?

While the process is usually somewhat complex, we did all the work for you and found the easiest exchangers to deal with.  They are literally as easy as dealing with PayPal!

You can click the images below to access the exchangers: (you can pick any you wish)


Coinbase is the easiest exchanger on the internet.  They are literally PayPal for bitcoin.  Easy interface and easy to buy coins.  They have over 10,000,000 customers (10 million!).  You can buy bitcoins via bank account and ACH.  Very easy guys! This one is so damn easy we love it.

Instructions on how to sign up and buy bitcoins from Coinbase are here :

Simple video tutoria l :

You should download their mobile apps (easier to buy via phone) : Android or iOS




This exchanger has a good online system. They take most payment methods and are fairly easy to use. Fast and simple process. Create your wallet and add bitcoins, then send it.

This page has all the instructions and a video on how to buy bitcoins from Paxful :



LocalBitcoins IMAGE

LoclBitcoins is person to person sales of bitcoins moderated by LocalBitcoins site. It's like eBay for bitcoin, literally!  It operates in over 15,800 cities worldwide, so this is a popular place.  

Here is a good video tutorial on how to use them :

And their FAQ :

This is a good guide from them too :




LibertyX IMAGE

LibertyX is for USA customers only. You can pay by cash and get bitcoins instantly at over 20,000 stores in the USA. You can goto their site :

Or you can download their apps to find a store near you to pay : iOS or Android

How to guide :